5 reasons to leave your hometown

Updated: Jul 19

I could tell you I love to travel but that would be a lie... because I NEED to travel. I have been moving to new homes since birth. I have lived in more houses or apartments than there are on the block I currently live on. Moving around for me has become something of a normality.

Born in Bogota, Colombia.

Raised on Long Island, New York

Moved to San Diego, California- where I

am coming to you live from.

All of these big moves have shown me why HOME truly is a concept rather than a place.

Home... how sweet it is, indeed.

We find home in the faces that make us laugh, the sights that widen our eyes, the music that shakes our bones, the moments that touch our heart, and the conversations that expand our minds.

We so dearly cling to materials to claim an identity. But do we recognize enough of the intangible that affects us?

So here are my five reasons I so passionately urge you to consider leaving your hometown if you never have, if you're seeking more magic, if you're feeling stuck...

  • Chasing the unknown- It's something of an instinct to seek stability and predictability. Our psyche loves to know what is going to happen so that we can most easily control an outcome. This is often where anxiety begins; A fear of an overly challenging... no... viscously defeating threat to wellbeing... that sends us down a spiral of fear and worry. We begin to doubt our ability to overcome these challenges. This may stop us from continuing seeking change as a means of growth. Growth is found where fear surrenders to empowerment. When we become empowered in the face of challenge, we create magic... absolute and utterly beautiful magic. We create connection, find awareness, love, and accomplish goals.

  • Getting to know your self- Oh you think you know the depths of your caves? Guess again. I've wondered how genuinely I can say I know myself when I haven't yet experienced all that I will experience. How would I know how I'd react? How I'd feel? And to this I said... engage in experiences that excite you and scare you at the same time. Be brave enough to try and intuitive enough to know in which direction to go.

  • Destruction for Reconstruction- This is for my people feeling stuck in their current situation. Maybe you're itching for something new or maybe you realize you're getting a little too comfortable. Feeling stuck is common and almost inevitable at times. Some yearn for stability after enduring tumultuous life experiences then all of a sudden seek out chaos because life has become mundane. Some of us can't stay away from the unpredictable. And some don't seem to be aroused by the change If you're the type to stick to routine and enjoy the comfort of familiarity, chances are you may find some growth in stimulating change. Whoever you are, change can be a positive step. We grow out of the spaces we occupy, and it becomes times to build upon what we have.

  • Embracing the solitude- If you're like me, you love filling your time with activities, social, personal, and professional. Solitude was often accompanied with guilt for what I wasn't doing. In my adolescent years I realized that, to some extent, I feared being alone or in lack of social support. It wasn't guilt but fear of being fully alone. So I moved across the country. I challenged myself to find solace in solitude. I began enjoying the clarity that came with the conversations I have with myself. I began producing creatively in my moments alone by writing, crafting, planning events, and moving my body.

  • Finding home- Leaving what is familiar isn't the answer to all our problems. But if you're looking for a new perspective, a new purpose, and a new challenge then dipping your toes in the unknown may be helpful. When we are in unfamiliar situations we begin to acknowledge more closely what are the things that bring us comfort. We don' have to stay in our "comfort zone" to feel comfort. Create unlimited access your comfort by finding home wherever you go.

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