Lesson's Learned, pt. #1: Purpose? Yeah, I've heard of her...

*This series will be short thoughts journaled on my Instagram and shared with you here*

The meaning to our existence knows no definition as we must assign our unique purpose for our living. Cultivating space for mindful awareness has been an on going practice in my life and it has served me beyond what I could have imagined. Learning to connect authentically through unpacking my true intentions and ego-rooted vulnerabilities, I have been able to see myself more clearly and live my purpose as I define it. Self-discipline has become the most liberating tool I have found yet. The discipline to keep myself aligned emotionally and mentally when chaos strikes. The world may never know true peace but your experience is in the control of your perception. It feels unreal to be manifesting my vibrations so strongly but im thankful for how life has unfolded for me and those around me. I believe in the power of love and the power of genuine humans. That is mu true purpose; To love my earth, my people, and my spirit equally, unconditionally, and unapologetically, Along with this, my mission is to help those around me explore and embrace the truth of their authentic self, cultivate inner peace, and create space for compassion. It is important to remember though that not having a clear understanding of what your souls path looks like is part of the journey. This is part of surrendering to intuition and listening deeply to what calls to you. The hefty influence of our social structures can easily blind our awareness of elements that impact our experiences. We must commit a large amount of time and energy to undergo what some call "soul searching" and take risks that might make our experience that much more human and real.

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