Lesson's Learned, pt. #2: CRITICAL KEYS

-The need to carve space for unconditional love for yourself because it is then that you can fully cultivate acceptance of others which can lead to some magical and impelling connections. I've met incredible souls and experienced life changing events because I've let go predetermined expectations and judgements.

-Trust in yourself. Intuition does not fail. It is our ego which guides us in directions that may not fully serve you in the long run (typically only "protects" us from a truth we will learn later in life).

-Life moves in cyclic patterns and you will remain in the same cycle until you learn new ways and change old habits that do not tend to your needs.

-Certain people come into our live to modify your perspective or to serve as a reflection or mirror for you to learn from.

-Challenge yourself by adapting to what is potentially uncomfortable. Trust in your power to surpass fear and self-doubt, because on the other side lies adventures, shifts in perspective, and expansion of consciousness.

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