Yoga classes
Individual or Group 


I teach according to your body's needs and abilities. Using a personalized style and traditional principles of yoga, we can increase flexibility and strength, balance, resilience, emotional regulation, and cognitive function.


       Prices vary depending on class size:

            -Private 1:1

            -Private small group

           -Large group


If you're interested in group classes for an event, business, or party,  please send me a message to discuss your interests!

Health & Wellness Coaching


If you find yourself struggling to reach your goals, maintain your health and wellness, and manage your daily tasks, it is possible that coaching can help you create the change and lifestyle you seek!

Managing our health and wellness requires daily commitment. Which is why coaching serves as a strong support for you to:

1. Discover in depth your physical and mental health needs

2. Create goals and a plan of action 

3. Be held accountable to stay on track of your wellness journey

4. Learn about yourself and new techniques for health improvement


As we go through life, our needs change and we must change our habits accordingly to accommodate our body and mind's new needs.